Clear Image Technology


Delivering breakthroughs in micro-endoscopy


Our Mission

To improve diagnosis and treatment through precise, small diameter endoscopy.

A Focus on Orthopedics

In the area of orthopedics, knowing the exact disease-state and anatomy is crucial to customizing a joint replacement, determining the extent of arthritis, or to educate the patient on what is going on in their body. Through the use of minimally-invasive arthroscopes with the highest quality image, Clear Image Technology seeks to help patients and doctors cooperate better in the care process. In this way, we hope to make diagnosis, pre- and post-operative care less expensive and more effective for everyone involved.

A Clear Image

Clear Image Technology was founded in 2005, and has since worked with world-class surgeons and major orthopedic and medical device companies to improve patient care. Our goal is to combine cutting-edge hardware with efficient image processing software to produce high-quality images for use in medical settings.



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