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Are C Scope® procedures covered by insurance?

The CPT codes that are commonly used for C Scope procedures are well-established and accepted by insurance providers. Many are the same codes that are used for traditional arthroscopic procedures. There are a number of CPT codes that can be billed for C Scope depending on the procedure and treatment.

*Consult your practice's billing specialist for further information. Rates and reimbursement varies by insurance and region.

What are the insurance codes for diagnostic arthroscopy?

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 4.33.01 PM.png

For more information regarding CPT codes, contact us at

Will there be a decrease in reimbursement if a patient is taken to surgery after diagnosis with C Scope® ?

If the decision is made to surgically intervene after the C Scope procedure, the 58 modifier would be applied to the secondary surgery to indicate a related or staged procedure. Adding the modifier would allow for reimbursement of follow up procedure during the 90-day Global Period.

Will patients experience pain during the C Scope® Procedure ?

Patients tolerate these types of procedures very well and most report no pain. Each patient is different and pain may be variable. We recommend local anesthetic prior to the C Scope® procedure. This will numb the skin and surrounding area and should avoid any discomfort during the procedure.

Who are ideal C Scope® patients ?

The C Scope® is ideal for any patient with joint pain, especially patients that want to streamline their visits and get real time answers with an accurate diagnosis to determine the best treatment plan.

How will C Scope® benefit my practice ?

The C Scope® can help physicians increase practice efficiency by facilitating patients through consult, diagnosis and treatment plan. C Scope® puts the diagnosis into the physician’s hands, allowing them to take control and offer a better approach to patient care.

Where is C Scope® used?

Because of its small size and portable design, C Scope® can be used in the office, procedure room, surgery center, or OR.  C Scope® does require an external light source so no bulky tower or additional electronics are needed. 

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