Code Description

CPT Code

Knee Arthroscopy, Diagnostic


Shoulder Arthroscopy, Diagnostic


Elbow Arthroscopy, Diagnostic


Wrist Arthroscopy, Diagnostic


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8.16.20 - Clear Image Technology - Produ


Does insurance reimburse procedures done with the C Scope ?  

The CPT codes that are commonly used for C Scope procedures are well-established and accepted by insurance providers. Many are the same codes that are used for traditional arthroscopic procedures. There are a number of CPT codes that can be billed for C Scope depending on the procedure and treatment.

*Consult your practice's billing specialist for further information. Rates and reimbursement varies by insurance and region.

Will there be a decrease in reimbursement if a patient is taken to surgery after diagnosis with C Scope ?  

If the decision is made to surgically intervene after the C Scope procedure, the 58 modifier would be applied to the secondary surgery to indicate a related or staged procedure. Adding the modifier would allow for reimbursement of follow up procedure during the 90-day Global Period.